Vice - Squeamish Alien Creatures Battle 

Motionographer - "Ocular" Short Film

Maxon Cinema 4D - Motion Response Winner

Wow Media - Billboards

ToolFarm -  Midweek Motivations

Vice -  Candy-Colored Alien Organisms

Colossal - An Alien Planet of Candy-like Rocks and Plants

Inspiration Grid -  Celestial Series

Baron - Office Tale

Greyscalegorilla - Identity Transmute

Podcasts/ Interviews

Future London Academy - We get into a bunch of great topics like finding your passion, C4D, creative workflow, Ringling College, standing out, personal work, mentors & a lot more, whew!

Brograph - What he’s been up to. We talk everydays, work/life balance, render wars, Already Been Chewed, people who rip off popular motion designers.

Brograph - "JUST DO IT!" and My Opinion of the Render Wars Topic

Greyscalegorilla - Getting Started With Animation In Cinema 4D

Greyscalegorilla - Interview with David Brodeur